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Classic Albums #1

I know, I do not post often,I am too tired.

Maybe, it is age, little excites me anymore, I used to love my football, music, books,fashion,…. every now and again,the spark comes back,usually after a drink or three or something else that someone, somewhere has decided to ban.

But, my god, I remember in certain moments what used to make me tick,and sometimes the feeling comes back….. I think these moments are worth sharing, even though  I do not know why I bother ,as I only have about 5 people who read all this anyway,so… fuck it…. I can’t be arsed to bother with all the ways I can try and lure followers… but I believe somewhere, there are still plenty of people who ‘understand”….


So, let’s go back to the beginning….Music, it takes something to make me drag my vinyl collection out and actually listen to it,

There are so many vocal artists that are vital, but what would they be without their backing bands, Attractions, Blockheads, Banshees ……

Anyway, I am listening to ‘This Years Model’ by Elvis Costello and the ATTRACTIONS.

How good is this ?

This was an era when serious new bands couldn’t be seen to fob you off with 12 minute epics or ballad fillers, everything was recorded with a short term vision, quick,exciting, punchy  3-4 minute songs where every musician is adding his own individual style to the complete sound and then move on …..

Early Punks used to listen to all this sort of stuff, honestly,listen to the energy and musicianship of his backing band… EVERY track is a classic and as David Hepworth says in his excellent new book, ‘A Fabulous Creation” …there are certain passages of time when music should be heard as  complete album, and this album is just full of well produced , live concert proven classic songs with a quality of power and musicianship that can only be created when there is  a scene trying to find its self…..






Isaac Hayes – Truck Turner


The great thing about a Fleamarket / Carboot is the unexpected.

I have a large amount of vinyl music , but I would never have dreamed of adding this album to my collection unless I found it for less than $2 stuck between a horror selection of James Last and budget Classical albums , which I did.

What a tremendous (double) album this is.

Ok,some of the titles have that “Shaft” sound, but what is wrong with that ? I could happily listen/dance to 70s wah-wah guitars and a funky beats all night long.

The production is meaty, the musicians are in top form,and there is soul and passion in the playing throughout, not one duff tune or filler.

Some of the slower instrumental titles are absolutely beautiful,they almost bring a tear to my eye – great basslines and instrumental sounds that you only hear in original from this era. A samplers dream.

Issac only sings on a couple of tracks, but what a voice he has – you can hear that Bowie was influenced by his style on “A House full of Girls”.

My copy is tatty and pops and crackles between tracks, but this is part of the glory, the sound is so full you cannot hear it during the songs anyway.

I salute the person who bought this album back in they day, they obviously listened to it a lot.

Rating 9 out of 10.