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Toužim / Jáchymov – Czech Republic

I found this 800 year old Castle in West Bohemia (German name : Theusing) on the journey from Pilsen in the Czech Republic heading towards Kalovy Vary (Karlsbad).

It is difficult to find much information on this building , there are infrequent weekend guided tours if you check the town website.

Most importantly, of course, they had a brewery built in the grounds back in 1661, gotta like the Czechs..beer everywhere !!

Anyway,it certainly needs renovation, as does the border town of Jachymov (former German name : Sankt Joachimsthal.)

Many of the buildings here still have decaying outer facades common to Eastern Bloc countries before 1989 . This was mainly due to industrial pollution,neglect and the effects of the cheap petrol that caused the outer walls to rot so badly. It also had a Uranium mine nearby  which surely didn’t help.

I never saw much evidence of decay in the parts of Czech Republic I saw , but this town has obviously not had much investment until recently, unlike the pristine ex DDR villages just over the border.

Another little quirk I have when travelling is trying out the local Crisps (chips) – this Kebab Skewer effort wasn’t memorable at all though, just 2 out of 5 from me :


Spiz ?? Okay, how about Spizz Energi ? :