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The Clash – Mont de Marsan 1977


I used to run a record store and my speciality was selling original 1977 punk bands on vinyl and cd – These bands proved to be very popular even 40 years later.

Because I was situated in a popular tourist city in the UK I used to strike up conversation with Punk aficionados from all over the world and they gave me some great stories.

This picture of the Clash was sent to me by Georges Karpathy who came to my shop and told me he had been to the 2nd Mont de Marsan festival in France, 1977.He was kind enough to mail me these never seen before photos.

The Clash are looking pretty pissed off as they are complaining to their manager. They had just been attacked on stage by a “member” of The Damned… now who could that have been ?? You gotta love The Damned.

The first festival was held in 1976 and predated the legendary London 100 club Punk festival. Although only The Damned could have really been called “real” Punk as theĀ  bill included mainly Pub Rockers like Eddie and the Hotrods, Roogalator,Ducks de Luxe and Pink Fairies.

The second festival was much more interesting and included The Clash,The Damned,Police,Maniacs,The Jam and The Boys according to the posters.

There were also some French Punk bands as can been seen on the photos below, The Lous and Aphalt Jungle,the fuzzy picture was the Damned.