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Marquee,Roxy and Vortex – 1977 London Punk Venues – Then and Now.

If you were young in 1977 –  these were the places to be, especially if you liked yer Punk Rock !!  They were the answer to CBGB’S in New York.

The Clash played the very first gig at the Roxy on new years eve 1976, the Vortex is one of the reasons for my Blog name and the the debut Sham 69 album had live songs from both the Marquee AND the Vortex. All albums are incredibly full of energy and the crowd noise at the Sham gigs sums up the excitement of the time, essential listening all three :

So what are these venues now ? Have a look at the pictures below :

The Roxy was in Covent Garden at 41-43 Neal Street and is now a SPEEDO shop.

The Vortex was in Crackers Nightclub on 201-203 Wardour Street  and was until recently a Peter Stringfellow club.

The Marquee goes back to 1964, also in Wardour Street (90) but closed in 1988 , it is now a luxury apartment block.

London gentrification… UP YOURS !!


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