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Portsmouth / Mike Oldfield


Even better than a derelict building is a disused building with the inventory still in view through the window.

This shop was/is on Albert Rd in Southsea,Portsmouth and judging by the style of the furniture it looks like it has been out of use for many years.

Opposite is a Pub that used to belong to local brewery, Brickwoods, registered in 1891. Portsmouth is the home of the British Royal Navy and there were hundreds of Pubs in the city so business would have been pretty damn good.The brewery (owning 600+ pubs) was purchased by the Whitbread Company in 1971 and the last beer as Brickwoods was brewed in 1983.

The empty Hotel was on the seafront of Southsea more or less opposite the historic Pier.

The music by Mike Oldfield is not really my cup of tea, but the music is/was also used by the local professional Football club (known as Pompey) when the team runs on to the pitch.

Play up Pompey