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Chinese Takeaway / The Adicts

We found this Restaurant/Hotel building near Minden on the River Weser in Germany.

It looks like the staff left in a bit of a rush too as there were quite a few personal items in their staff area.

I wonder if The Adicts ever stopped off here on one of their German tours ?

The first time I saw them was around 1981/82 in the Korn Strasse in Hannover, a legendary Punk venue.

As I was having a cup of tea with them backstage, the band decided to enhance their buffet meal by adding something that looked like a sausage (but wasn’t) to a plate of noodle salad. I didn’t wait around to see if anyone sampled their designer menu.




Killing Joke and Fire Eaters


Sometimes there are concerts that stick in the memory and never go away.

Killing Joke at the “Scala” in Germany in 1980 is one such case for me.

The Scala was in a small town between Hannover and Bielefeld and used to be called the Jaguar Club. Between 1966 and 1970 people in this British Army garrison of Herford  would have been lucky enough to have had the chance to see legends like Hendrix,The Who,Hollies,Small Faces and Cream for just a few Deutschmarks.

It was 8 years before it reopened under the name Scala, and in three amazing years between 1978 and 1981 it served up a great mix of (usually) UK based bands,mainly Punk,Reggae or Post-Punk (but not just) in the main hall.

Anyway….one of those gigs was the double bill of Killing Joke and Basement 5 on a miserable midweek evening.

The turnout was low, only about 40, but because it attracted a motley crowd of freaks and misfits (fire-eaters, face tattooed(very rare back then) bikers from Hamburg, some nutty West London punks, plus the band members of  Kleenex from Switzerland, it turned out to be one of those Pistols 100 club moments. You just had to have been there.

Killing Joke came on and we all jointed the front stage tribal dance routine by the fire-eater , where we zoned out to the heavy, hypnotic ,almost techno beats.

All the songs on their amazing first album were played,but I am still sure they were double as good as live versions, especially “Wardance”, “Complications” and the non album (Pop Group/Certain Ratio style) limited single  “Change”… they were so good we all went and watched them again the next day….. however second time around the Basement 5 stole the show, but that is a different story.

The Scala had two years of glory and went bust,after this the smaller bar room carried on putting on local band Punk gigs until it was knocked down in 1982 and an Aldi was built in its place.

Unfortunately there are no pics of the derelict Scala, but I did find an old farmhouse decades later, near to the location  and took some pictures  – even the derelict buildings in Germany have swept and clean floors if the owner lives near by :


via Daily Prompt: Complication

Hotel Grashoff / Cocteau Twins

Double goodies discovered today :

It is always cool to be lucky enough to find a good copy of the first Cocteau Twins (Garlands – 1982) album on the Intercord Label for just 2 euros at a Fleamarket.

Liz Fraser really does have a haunting voice, but I just love the echoey bass on a lot of these early 1980’s post punk albums. How do they get that sound ?

On the same journey we discovered this charming Hotel that has been closed since 2006 and is still in a remarkably good condition. Check the “before and after” pics.

I always wondered why people have to smash toilets and sinks once they get inside these buildings but this is because they are trying to get at the copper piping. Shame about the ballroom too, great sized gig venue.