Anarchy in the Naafi


The above empty building photos were taken in Germany in 2014.

I bought my first 7″ single ever in the building on the left in 1976, this building used to be a Naafi (British forces supermarket) and was on the British Military estate where I more or less grew up.

That’s right, I was a ” PADSBRAT” …

What is a pads brat I hear you asking yourself ?

Well,it is what the kids of serving Military families are called and there seem to be a number of reasons why this name came about, but the most feasible seems to be that B.R.A.T was the short version of  British Regiment Attached Traveler which was changed to P.A.D.S in the 1950’s and was short for the allowance received by the families ?

There were two of those Sex Pistols singles for sale in that Naafi and I grabbed one of them because a) I liked the name of the band (it shocked back then) and b) I had seen a picture of them in a German teen magazine and of course they looked like nothing else I had ever seen.

That record changed my life.

The building on the right was called “The Look-In” and was the community center and also our youth club on a Tuesday night.The evening mainly consisted of ping pong, table football,packets of “Smiths Crisps” and a fizzy drink laced with something a bit stronger,now and again.

Now and again too ,if we were lucky, we could squeeze in a Pistols ,Slaughter and the Dogs or 999 track in between the Bee Gees and Dr Hook during the “Disco” and our little Punk firm could have a good Pogo.

The barracks closed in 1993 but the estate was used by a few military personal up until 2015. Below a couple of the houses still being used in 2014, most were empty but not derelict.

I often wonder who took that other copy of Anarchy.


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