Continental Tyres – Hannover

We got to this well known site just in time – demolition was about to start.

Continental Tyres is a big employer in Hanover but this huge factory was no longer economical when it was closed down in 1999 after construction started in 1862.

Far more interesting for me was the beautiful image (below) of a stand alone inhabited building nearby on a busy street. Very unusual to see this kind scene in the Western part of Germany these days.



Classic Albums #1

I know, I do not post often,I am too tired.

Maybe, it is age, little excites me anymore, I used to love my football, music, books,fashion,…. every now and again,the spark comes back,usually after a drink or three or something else that someone, somewhere has decided to ban.

But, my god, I remember in certain moments what used to make me tick,and sometimes the feeling comes back….. I think these moments are worth sharing, even though  I do not know why I bother ,as I only have about 5 people who read all this anyway,so… fuck it…. I can’t be arsed to bother with all the ways I can try and lure followers… but I believe somewhere, there are still plenty of people who ‘understand”….


So, let’s go back to the beginning….Music, it takes something to make me drag my vinyl collection out and actually listen to it,

There are so many vocal artists that are vital, but what would they be without their backing bands, Attractions, Blockheads, Banshees ……

Anyway, I am listening to ‘This Years Model’ by Elvis Costello and the ATTRACTIONS.

How good is this ?

This was an era when serious new bands couldn’t be seen to fob you off with 12 minute epics or ballad fillers, everything was recorded with a short term vision, quick,exciting, punchy  3-4 minute songs where every musician is adding his own individual style to the complete sound and then move on …..

Early Punks used to listen to all this sort of stuff, honestly,listen to the energy and musicianship of his backing band… EVERY track is a classic and as David Hepworth says in his excellent new book, ‘A Fabulous Creation” …there are certain passages of time when music should be heard as  complete album, and this album is just full of well produced , live concert proven classic songs with a quality of power and musicianship that can only be created when there is  a scene trying to find its self…..






The Clash – Mont de Marsan 1977


I used to run a record store and my speciality was selling original 1977 punk bands on vinyl and cd – These bands proved to be very popular even 40 years later.

Because I was situated in a popular tourist city in the UK I used to strike up conversation with Punk aficionados from all over the world and they gave me some great stories.

This picture of the Clash was sent to me by Georges Karpathy who came to my shop and told me he had been to the 2nd Mont de Marsan festival in France, 1977.He was kind enough to mail me these never seen before photos.

The Clash are looking pretty pissed off as they are complaining to their manager. They had just been attacked on stage by a “member” of The Damned… now who could that have been ?? You gotta love The Damned.

The first festival was held in 1976 and predated the legendary London 100 club Punk festival. Although only The Damned could have really been called “real” Punk as the  bill included mainly Pub Rockers like Eddie and the Hotrods, Roogalator,Ducks de Luxe and Pink Fairies.

The second festival was much more interesting and included The Clash,The Damned,Police,Maniacs,The Jam and The Boys according to the posters.

There were also some French Punk bands as can been seen on the photos below, The Lous and Aphalt Jungle,the fuzzy picture was the Damned.